The sense of connection you once had and long for again with your partner can be restored. Not only that, it can become stronger than ever.

Individual and Couple Therapy
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Click the appropriate button below to see what appointments are currently available. Please contact me by email or phone before scheduling a first appointment. I am unable to see new clients without some preliminary discussion. Thank you.



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A growing body of research shows that your relationship with your significant other matters more than we ever knew. A strong bond predicts greater happiness, better health, and longer life for you and your partner. And when this bond falters, for any number of reasons, research shows that it can be repaired.

I work with all kinds of couples—married or unmarried, straight or LGBTQ, monogamous or polyamorous, elderly or young. I use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), which has been found to be effective for most issues regardless of how distressed your relationship may be. EFT is among the most studied and validated approaches to couple therapy known to psychology, with an unparalleled 70% to 75% success rate.

When couple therapy does fail, the most common reason is that the couple waited too long to enter therapy. If you believe that your relationship may be faltering, it is better to seek out a qualified therapist sooner than later—the earlier you enter the process, the more likely (and the more quickly) it can help you.


What to Expect

I usually begin by meeting you as a couple for one or two exploratory sessions. If we decide to work together, I will then schedule one individual session with each of you, so that I can get to know you both a little better. In most cases, the remainder of the therapy will consist of joint sessions with both of you. All sessions are 60 minutes, with recurring weekly sessions highly recommended.