Our troubles tend to form in the context of human interaction and are best healed with a different kind of human interaction. That is what therapy is.

Couple Therapy
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Therapy is a relationship of a certain kind. Within this relationship you are free to bring out more and more of your own experience—what troubles you, what excites you, what impedes you, and what inspires you. You plumb the depths of your own life, discovering more of yourself and tapping into your own inner reserves of courage and wisdom. Of course, we can do this on our own to some extent. But sometimes we get stuck or we find we can only get so far. That's where therapy comes in. But what most helps us get unstuck and go farther, surprisingly, is not the expertise of your therapist but the kind of relationship that you co-create with your therapist, one that occurs uniquely in therapy.

This also applies to couple therapy. Our romantic relationships sometimes devolve into patterns of conflict and disconnection. Couple therapy helps us come into a fuller understanding of our own experience in the relationship and the experience of our partner. It helps restructure our interactions with our partner so that we can mutually nurture one another in good times and bad.

Getting Started

To get started, please send me an email or give me a call at (206) 718-3664 or (253) 256-5133. I'll want to know what concerns have inspired you to contact me, how urgent your circumstances, and your availability for an initial consultation. To see what appointments are available at my two locations in the coming weeks, click the appropriate appointment button on the right navigation bar.